Event Itinerary

  9:00 AM - Opening 

10:00 AM - Understanding Advance Directives

10:45 AM - Manifesting Your Dreams

11:30 AM - Zumba 

12:30 PM - ABC's of Cannabis

  1:00 PM - Cooking Healthy (Food Demo)

  3:00 PM - Closing 

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About the Presenters

Intensive Karen | Karen Kopan

Spanish Interpretor on Site

Topic: Understanding Advance Directives

In this talk, you will learn about the importance of advance directives and how they relate to your health and well-being. Terms such as Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, Do Not Resuscitate and Donor Registry are clearly explained.  Stories will be shared that demonstrate how families used Advance Directives to clearly communicate their wishes with healthcare teams. 

Karen Kopan  has been certified in the following fields: 

Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree, Licensed Advanced Practice Nurse, Licensed Registered Nurse, Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Critical Care Nurse, and Member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine; the American Association of Nurse Practitioners; and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.



Dr. Marina Kostina

Bi-lingual | Spanish 

Topic: 5 Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams

In this workshop Dr. Marina Kostina will share 5 secrets that she learned from her experiences as a researcher, energy healer and hypnotherapy and brain studies that guarantee to shift you perception of your life and your role in it. In a fun, playful, interactive manner Dr. Marina Kostina brings up very deep topics of manifestation practices that when applied to your life can create incredible transformations.



Educator, Lynne Tooma

Spanish Interpretor on Site

Topic: Learn the ABC's of Cannabis

Learn what cannabis Vs. Hemp and other products that are and are not beneficial for your systems. Understanding the basics is the first step in making sure you know what you are taking 

before you take any products. 

Lynne Tooma is a professional ambassador for one of the largest companies in the world that 

educates people to understanding the foundation of CBD, and the holistic approach to wellness. 

This is not a sales presentation, rather an opportunity to learn about cannabis for wellness. 



Chef Teri L. Barton

Spanish Interpretor on Site

Topic: Easy Healthy Meals  For a Busy Family 

Local business owner, Tari Barton is a world renowned chef. Learn how to prep, cook and enjoy  simple meals for busy families that are healthy and easy as 1-2-3! Taste samples, and receive recipe cards to try at home. These easy meals are created with over 25+ years experiance in prearing the latest trends in foods.