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Seriously Slime

Seriously Slime

Seriously Slime


Kids, you are invited to join a session 

and go Seriously SLIME!! 


Seriously Slime

Seriously Slime


Pick your sample of Lifeway Kefir 

next to Chiro One!!


every body eat

every body eat


Taste a new lean, protein packed snack (biltong—healthy alternative to beef jerky)  - Created by a NFL Chicago Bears

every body eat

every body eat

every body eat


every body eats is  for the overscheduled families, the hungry teenage hockey practice mob, the last-minute party throwers, the culinary creators, the on-the-move makers, the back-of-the-car snackers, the special diet eaters, the gatherers, and the grazers—those who love to eat and who eat to live well, togeth

Rainbows for All Children


Rainbow-trained Facilitators will be in site with resources designed to
guide youth in work on self - esteem artwork,   

Stay Healthy

Health Screenings

Stop by and visit with the following companies

  • Big City Optical - Vision Screening with Dr. Patel
  • A New Leaf Natural Medicine -  Personal one on one with Dr. Lynn 
  • Chiro One – Posture Alignment Screening 
  • Skillz Physical Therapy - Cupping 
  • OSTEO STRONG - Test Your Balance
  • Blood Pressure, BMI Testing, and Blood Cholesterol 
  • Stay tune as health screenings will be added 


Activity Zones


Kids Zone

Come and have FUN! Reading resource, art therapy, soccer shoot - out, slime classes, and more! All kids are welcome to learn and engage in a safe space that where a kid can REALLY be a kid! 

Aging Well Zone

Finding healthy options for you, and loved ones is just as important.. in getting help caregivers, adult children, and seniors need. 

Women Wellness

Grow your toolbox and embrace the wonderful journey women go through in the different seasons of life. Enjoy mini facials, retreat and enjoy a chair massage, and learn from experts about holistic  wellness. 

Men's Health

Men will enjoy learning about balancing life, family, and career. As men age and settle into their careers, husband/fatherhood, the act of balancing and staying healthy is important to learn.